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14 July 2016

HUF Magazine Ft NF Jewellery

Editorial HUF Magazine
Styling: Bianca Nicole
Photography: Leanne Dixon

Excited to be featured in this lovely bohemian shoot released in HUF magazine.
Both & lots more available online 


Matteo Montanari For Self Service

Adore This Shoot!!
And ya'll know how much I love California 

Photographer: Matteo Montanari
Location: Downtown LA, Silver Lake, West Hollywood
For Self Service 

16 September 2015

Fading Into Gold...

Photography: Elliot Davies
Jewellery: NF Jewellery

Summertime in the city is fading away quick. I'm fortunate enough to live close by to a lovely canal here in London so Elliot and I took a stroll to capture the last summer haze.
I live for the sunshine and it's enigmatic energy. It keeps me easy, inspired and carefree so I love to catch NF Jewellery in it's moments of golden glows.

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06 August 2015

Gypsy Dreamer...

Styling: Ashley Glorioso
Potography: Zoey Grossman
Jewels: Jacquie Aiche

Every single time the dream team do it! Lookbook after lookbook I'm left in awe with heart palpitations!
The ladies behind FL&L together with Zoe & Ashley just compliment each others creative eye so much it really makes me want in their gang!
Oh and let's talk about the gorgeous jewellery which Ashley has picked out so exquisitely matching each gem with each garment! #Dream
Soak it up feathers!